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My booklist from writing The Icarus Deception

The Icarus Deception

My new book came out in January 2013.

It's about art (not painting, but the art of being human), making a difference, mythology, propaganda, Kamiwaza, emotional labor and the connection economy.

This page takes you through some of the books and videos that helped me figure out the story in the book. I hope you'll dive into some of them.

If you read the preview edition, feel free to post a review here 51 comments

anonymous 22 months ago

I have been eagerly awaiting this preview. But most of my friends along with myself will be celebrating this holiday weekend with family. There is a Williamsville South high school Reunion on Friday and Saturday. Between traveling and family, NO TIME. Please extend it to next weekend!!!!

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seth godin 22 months ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Hi Elaine. As a Williamsville East alum (go flames!) of course I scheduled it to compete with our rival's reunion.It's impossible for the preview date to match everyone's schedule, which is why I added 50% (two days!) to the time it was available. I know I can't please everyone, but I'm trying.Have fun with the Billies.

Martha08 22 months ago

Read the first 3 posts already and had to come comment! I see this book becoming so dog-eared with more than daily use! Thank you Seth for all the energy and wisdom you've shared through this book! Deeply appreciated!

bradcostanzo 22 months ago

Hey Seth, reading the preview right now, 10:15am. What a way to start the morning, gotta say it's a very invigorating read. I especially love the reference to the safety zone is no longer the comfort zone. That was a nice "aha" for me. For a while I've been talking about the concept of "uncomfortable happiness" and a similar concept. But you really nailed it with that analysis. Between your words and the caffeine in my cup'o joe this morning, I'm ready to slay the day and create some "art." (While everyone else is downshifting for Thanksgiving :) Great work (as always)

yeshua-adonai-39 22 months ago

Hi Seth, thank you, I resonate and see how, The Icarus Deception reflects your art. 'you are capable of making a difference, of being bold, and of changing more than you are willing to admit. You are capable of making art.'

anonymous 22 months ago

13:00 ET. Made mistake of opening the project update and clicking on the link to this preview. Got nearly halfway through the book before I looked up from my monitor. "Lost" 90 minutes of my day, then realized that I can count this as marketing time for my business. This is powerful stuff! Seth, the book is a Message from the Universe for me, coming at a perfect time to shift my 2013 planning into new places. My mind is whirling w/ the possibilities for immediate application to a new venture. As I reposition what I'm doing from Product or Service to ART, I am filled with excitement and joy that was missing when I was worried about the numbers. This ain't about the numbers -- it's about doing what I was meant to do, and trusting that my tribes will join me. Everyone is lonely... and am a connector. Can't wait to read the rest of it later this weekend.

seth godin profile image

seth godin 22 months ago Hub Author

@anonymous: thank you. This means the world to me!

mikospieters 22 months ago

Althought it's tempting I'll restrain myself in order for the pleasure of opening the book and smelling the paper. Many thanks Seth for yet another brain breaking book and Happy Thanksgiving from Maastricht, The Netherlands!

anonymous 22 months ago


AeroBrett profile image

AeroBrett 22 months ago from San Antonio, TX

Hi Seth. The sample is awesome, which is what I've come to expect! One point of confusion or correction--when you make a list of "stuff" and mention Orings. If you mean the rings that failed on the Shuttle Challenger, the proper term is O-rings. (Just a little hypen or minus sign but that makes a big difference to us rocket scientists and any equation!) For reference, and another powerful example of courage and integrity, please see this book written by one of the engineers who tried to get that launch delayed because he knew it would lead to disaster: Thanks again for challenging the status quo!

monk512 22 months ago

thank you Seth. especially love: the most rational thing to do is the irrational work of art, most of us have no idea were no longer fenced in, and that this is the right time, the right place and you might be missing it.

PJW9779 22 months ago

Agree with Mikos.But the first virtual pages are inspinging and provocative reading already, resulting in associative questions.During my career have I been a 'Wiley Fox'? Becoming cagey (pun intended) and bolting as soon as the third fence is placed?

anonymous 22 months ago

It's a great book. But I'm having a lot of trouble reading it on the iPad. The web page that is hosting the book doesn't seem to like my iPad mini very much. Am I the only one having this problem?Just want to reaffirm that I'm loving the content though. I will be purchasing the ebook as soon as it's available. Congratulations Seth on a successful release.

seth godin profile image

seth godin 22 months ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Hi Jason,Alas, the Mini is not currently supported in the limited-run preview, but it'll work great on any computer running Chrome, Safari or Firefox. The good news is that the ebook will run on iOS when it comes out in a few weeks.

kimmanleyort 22 months ago

This book came at a great time for me. I was starting to panic about something I am creating and offering in January and it gave me the inspiration to embrace the fear and keep going. I wish all young people would read this book. I see many who carry their parents' fears about job security. Yet those jobs they think they need are not on a solid foundation. They don't see how they can create a life by creating their own art.Thank you, Seth, for inspiring me to create art since April 7, 2009.

anonymous 21 months ago

Hi Seth,Thank you for speaking so authentically about the human experience. Its not just what you had to say and how you said it. The measure for me is what the message motivates me to do.I started writing a book on Bullshit last year and put it to the side because no one seemed to be interested in 'eliminating' it in their lives. I offered up four free chapters for people to read and no one downloaded it. I offered to coach people on it and had no takers. Right now I say who cares? I am called to share this art and I will do so, even if my daughters are the only one to use the guide. How wonderful will that be? Im starting a 'movement' and Im finding slowly but surely my corporate clients are using my no BS language in our conversations. It gives me full permission, as though I needed it other than from myself, to speak what I see and feel - straight up and appropriately. This creates connection rather than erodes it. I am a fan Seth. Thank you.Respectfully,Sharon

anonymous 21 months ago

This is your best, Seth! I can't put it down and am determined to finish the preview! Can't wait for my hard copies to arrive! Thank you for your art!

anonymous 21 months ago

Hi Seth, Just finished reading and my head is spinning. I loved it! Thank you very much for extending the time of the preview. Since English is not my first language, it surely helped me. When will the book be translated in Japanese? I would like to let my friends and family members in Japan know about your book.Originally. I learned about your videos from Angela Myles Beeching's blog.Thank you again for your hard work of writing the inspiring new book!

thisisjosephratliff 21 months ago

Seth, I've read every one of your books since Permission Marketing, and even a couple before that time (your "book packager" days). The Icarus Deception nicely ties everything you've written in the past... to the work and art culture of the present day and future.Nicely done my friend.

anonymous 21 months ago

Just finished... Love the point that resistance will always be with us. When the resistance is strong, then art is near. Beautifully flipped Seth. The resistance like Gollum/Smeagol in Lord of the Rings, has a role to play. The variety of examples is sublimely inclusive... every reader will have moments where they feel you are speaking directly to their experience. Today this book willed me to make five calls to some prospects, (here in England) on the other side of where I usually live on the planet (Australia). The resistance was having a party in my guts as I went to start (then get a coffee), then went to call again (and got my pad) and finally after all available procrastinations had been exhausted, I spoke to some real people who were friendly and keen to make some meetings happen. It felt like the resistance sat down alongside me and started to cheer.The discussion on myth, the diligent daily work that Steve Martin did to become the artist we know and love, the e. e. cummings quotations... all meld to make this your most vulnerable, dare I say, most rawly spiritual book yet. With reference to page 193... Seth, 'thank you'.

anonymous 21 months ago

Life Changer. Rare find that the book and author are mirror images. Not another "do as I say" treatise-but an authentic blueprint for the next step forward. Thank you Seth.

anonymous 21 months ago

I just finished reading in my last allotted minute! My favorite takeaways: 1) First, pick yourself. 2) That embracing ones specialness is about what you do not who you are. 3) Confusing the venue with our art. 4) Habits of successful artists 5) What every artist needs.Reframing my art/work/life as an infinite game was my biggest ah-ha. Ive made some near-bankruptcy moves, but its part of the game.Thank you for your generosity. It was the perfect followup after reading Brene Browns Daring Greatly.

anonymous 21 months ago

Loved what I was able to read. Thought provoking and not "hookie. Cannot wait to get the copies! Glad to be a part of this community.

bsoist 21 months ago

I didn't quite finish, but what I read was brilliant! I can't wait for my copies to arrive.

anonymous 21 months ago

Great material, Ii resonates so much with me that I blogged about the idea last week in French, and it resonated with others, and we shared great thoughts together about the fact that we are all Artists now! A must read !!!

anonymous 21 months ago

The Ups guy was wearing a back brace!

anonymous 21 months ago

I read it.Twice.If you haven't finished it yet. Shame on you. If you haven't started it. can't get ready for a new year without this book.Three pages that resonate with me. 27, 61 and 87.The other pages were great. But those three spoke to me. Those three pages made me stop, think, rethink, shake my head, close my eyes and then come to a decision to change. This is a book I will have to read more than twice. It will probably become a once a year. This books asks us to do things that are hard. Yes, they are simple. But they are hard. Especially since we have lived in the deception...heck...I've helped perpetuate the deception. Zig Ziglar talks about motivation being best like a shower, something you need to do daily. You won't get everything you need to get out of this book in the first read. This is one you'll have to go back to. This one resonates and the more times you read it the more you will hear.I'm in business. I now want to be an artist. It's gonna take me awhileHowever, my mantra of Smarter, Stronger and Faster has officially changed. It is now Smarter, Stronger and Braver.Thank you for letting us read an advance copy.

zbelly 21 months ago

I received my Kickstarter copy in the mail last week. I'm half way through and feeling inspired, psyched, jazzed, juiced, stoked! New to Squidoo, but excited to have found this, too. Much to explore.

anonymous 21 months ago

I booked my ticket for London live session.I've started many movements by inspiring your thoughts and now ready for new ones !

anonymous 21 months ago

Just starting. It's like the first sip of a great wine. You immediately want more. But you try not to rush it. You want to savor every sip. Swirl it around. Breathe it in. Seth's new tome is like a great wine - but for your mind.

jeffkorhan 21 months ago

I've been reading TID off and on over the last couple of weeks. However, after a tough presentation (what I do for a living) yesterday I picked it up again and it really made me think - Why am I working so hard to impress when I can just pick myself? It was an invaluable wake-up call. Thank you!

anonymous 21 months ago

This is... Wonderful

PJW9779 21 months ago

Fedex tried to deliver my Behemoth last week. Alas I was not home.Alas also for the delivery guy/girl who had to go up *and* down several flights of stairs.Delivery is now planned for coming Friday.*_________* I sense a slight develish streak in my personality, suggesting to repeat last weeks exercise ]:-)~

anonymous 21 months ago

Can't wait to get my hands on your book I'm a Seth Godin collector! As a photographer/artist I'm inspired to fly high! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

anonymous 21 months ago

Thank you Seth -- this is a wonderful and important book! I'm so glad to have been a part of your Kickstart!

anonymous 21 months ago

I was impressed enough with the pre view via KickStarter, I'm ordering the real deal.

cloudspotter 20 months ago

I can't wait! Coming to NYC next week and hoping for a Behemoth!

zbelly 20 months ago

Attachment Kills Art (p 94) A delicious nugget of wisdom! I am savoring sweets like this one every few pages. It occurs to me that what you write here about Art, Seth, is perfectly applicable to a yoga practice. I'm inspired, thank you for making this book.

zbelly 20 months ago

The Icarus Deception seems to me like a 21st century version of the Bagavad Gita, plus a guide to practical action.The Gita teaches us to Live and Act with Love and Purpose, Detaching Ego from Results; very similar to what Seth Godin teaches us about making Art. I'm really excited about discovering that connection.

MiaSherwoodLandau 20 months ago

Our time has finally come... all of us. Maybe we've been waiting for permission. Now we've got it!

anonymous 20 months ago

Hi Seth, I loved the little inspirational video for adding my art to a bookmark in your new book. Next time when i'm in Barnes and Noble I'll do it. I'm Heather and I'm a Potter, Crafter and Artist; I make things & owner of Artreverie Shop on Etsy. . I'm just figuring out all this marketing stuff so thanks for the inspiration!! So glad to see this book from you, can't wait to pick it up.

anonymous 20 months ago

HI Seth, love your work and passion for the arts and it's makers. I'm glad to know that it's okay to not be afraid to share your art with everyone. You and your genius ideas are my guide for 2013.

Cee_On 20 months ago

"Seizing new ground,, making connections between people or ideas..." just feels right."Speaking up when there's no obvious right answer, making yourself vulnerable when it's possible to put up shields, and caring about both the process and the outcome- these are works of art that our society embraces and the economy demands." Doing nothing is NOT an option if you want to further your art.Seth Godin,"The Icarus Deception: How Hight Will You Fly?"

anonymous 20 months ago

The Icarus Deception: how high will you fly?Seth gives us the "inside" information on how to stand-out, speak-up and set the new standards by becoming an artist. His thoughts teach us how to fly higher than we ever could by casting the "old rules" aside which allows you to create your own artistry.In a way, The Icarus Deception is a conglomeration of Seth Godin's previous books tied together, to the new economy. It's the handbook to your future. They didn't let us in on the old secrets- this time we have no excuse!The Icarus Deception is a book I will read over and over. I highly recommend it. I purchased my copy through Seth's Kickstarter campaign.The Icarus Deception is the push to do what you've always wanted. It's the approval to become what you've always dreamed of becoming. The Icarus Deception allows you the freedom to scale to new heights. Unlike the previous system of 100 years, it's imperative you break the rules and stand-out.More importunately it allows you to connect with people and do something meaningful by creating Art!This is the chance and opportunity you've waited for- purchase The Icarus Deception today.We've been bamboozled for too long. It's your turn.

anonymous 19 months ago

Hi Seth! I discovered your book listening to the Social Media podcast, and I am excited to read it. I will order a hard copy if I need to, but first I wondered if will you release it on Kindle?

seth godin profile image

seth godin 19 months ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Yes, it's already out.

salsa-dancing profile image

salsa-dancing 19 months ago

Thanks for sharing, I just heard about this book on Pat Flynn's podcast.

anonymous 18 months ago

This book has meant so much to me. I received it as a gift, and that is what it has been in my life. I am a senior in high school, and I witness what Seth calls the drudgery of "industrialized education" firsthand. Every day, I wake up as the alarm sounds and I am sent into a factory of numbing education that does not matter. I am trying to make a difference, to change that. I have formed a group of peers into what we call the "WISF Team" (named after "What is School For?" the central question of Seth's manifesto and TEDx talk "Stop Stealing Dreams"). Our team is set on making an impact, a ruckus, in public education. Seth's insight in this book, on his blog, and in "Stop Stealing Dreams" has laid the foundation for our work.Our first project is a Prezi, which you can view by searching "The Second Enlightenment: Making Education Count." (it would not let me post the hyperlink here)The Icarus Deception is inspirational on every level, and I simply had to share my personal story about it.Thanks, Seth.

katiecolette profile image

katiecolette 17 months ago Level 1 Commenter

Great picks, Seth. I am interested in reading a few of the books you recommend.

TerriCarr profile image

TerriCarr 6 months ago Level 5 Commenter

All great stuff but the Ben Zander TED Talk at the bottom of this page is soooo special. Beautiful. Thank you!!

williamslaw profile image

williamslaw 4 months ago Level 2 Commenter

Some amazing stuff here. I will be reading a few that you've recommended.

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    Liz Gilbert at TED

    Brene Brown on shame and vulnerability

    A masterful TED talk

    Ben Zander at TED

    With shining eyes

    No, thank you

    Break the rules...

    The Icarus Deception is the push to do what you've always wanted. It's the approval to become what you've always dreamed of becoming. The Icarus Deception allows you the freedom to scale to new heights. Unlike the previous system of 100 years, it's imperative you break the rules and stand out.

    Jim Carver

     Last updated on April 21, 2014

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    Chime in with your thoughts on any of these books... 9 comments

    louiseanne lm profile image

    louiseanne lm 2 years ago

    I would highly recommend the 2 books by Steven Pressfield The War of Art and Do the Work. Bought the Kindle versions this year, and have read both a couple of times.

    kimmanleyort 22 months ago

    Zen and the Art is my favorite book ever. Good to read every five years. Daring Greatly is one of my favorites from this year. Steven Pressfield and Pema Chodron are always good. I am interested in reading about Finite and Infinite Games.

    aviwolfson profile image

    aviwolfson 21 months ago

    Great lens, thanks for sharing!

    caneilson 20 months ago

    The Power of Myth changed my life by giving me permission to 'follow my bliss.' Don't Bite the Hook helped me through a difficult life transition. Great stuff in both of these!!

    anonymous 19 months ago

    An eclectic collection. Very interesting.

    imagelist lm profile image

    imagelist lm 17 months ago

    Wooowwww...great lens...

    Diana Wenzel profile image

    Diana Wenzel 15 months ago from Colorado Level 6 Commenter

    I plan to revisit Joseph Campbell (always deeply resonant) and to explore your other recommendations posted here. I've been immersed in the many invaluable insights presented within your latest book. Truly appreciate what I am gaining from listening to the conversations you are having about the Icarus Deception. Thank you.

    lawyer-marketing 14 months ago

    Nice lens.

    anonymous 14 months ago

    interesting lens

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